Keep it Simple!

The number one rule for HMO interior design is to keep it simple! Ideally you will have decided on the colour scheme a long time beforehand, as you will need to tell the decorator the colours for walls and woodwork and any special requirements you have. Remember to consider the long-term implications for your colour scheme. Colours that are fashionable now might not be in a few years’ time. In which case have you budgeted for redecorating costs? Minor scuffs and marks will appear after even a couple of months so keep a detailed record of which colours were used first-time round and where, so that paintwork can be touched-up when needed. Although neutral colours may seem bland, remember that you will need to touch-up the paintwork regularly to keep it fresh and clean so having a simple, neutral colour scheme will make it much easier. Matt paint for walls and gloss or sheen-based such as eggshell for woodwork and doors works well. Try and use anti-mould paint in the kitchen and bathroom or anywhere that might be exposed to dampness.

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