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About me My story so far . . . Working with people and identifying what makes them “tick” is foundation of my life, and making a difference to the future of others is the passion that drives me as person and as a professional. My journey began many years back. Back in 1996 (and with two small children), I found myself with a small pot of inheritance money and took my first step into the property world with a student HMO. With no real knowledge of the industry, little did I know I was heading into a very steep learning curve. It was not an easy ride and as such, I spent the next decade focusing on single buy-to-lets, whilst juggling employment and growing family commitments. I became a programme manager for Sure Start, a government programme that supports parents from pregnancy to four years of age to help give children the best start in life. Working with families in the Cheshire area I witnessed a number of housing issues that resonated with me – from mould and damp, to poor quality housing and financial struggles – and this provided me with the fuel to inspire change. I wanted to work towards providing quality accommodation and a better quality of life, and to encourage others to change their financial outlook for themselves.   




 However, just over three years back it hit me. Not only did I want to leave a legacy for my children and secure my retirement fund, but I also longed to step out of employment and into a world where I had the time, flexibility, quality of life and money to spend with my family. Realising that more could be achieved from a property portfolio by investing in HMOs, it dawned on me that it was time rekindle my relationship with houses of multiple occupancy and to secure my future. I worked hard to develop my knowledge and today, with a multi-million pound portfolio in Crewe and Stoke-on-Trent which includes 10 HMOs, 12 singles lets ... and a pub, as well as an award-winning training company, a published book and other things in the pipeline, I’m finally achieving what I set out to do.      




 And now, I help others do the same; to overcome the hurdles associated with securing financial freedom and getting momentum on the path to success whilst possibly juggling other employment commitments or family obligations. Through training, public speaking, mentoring and consulting, I help others to develop the mental muscle to give them the strength to keep pushing forward. Because success really is often just around the corner. Today, I see myself as more than just a “Legacy Investor”; I see myself as a “Lifestyle Investor”. And whether you are a stay-at-home-parent, in full time employment, starting out in retirement or simply wish gain more financial freedom, I work with you to help you grow your flow and ensure that your future works for you.     


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