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Why Join a Mentoring Programme?

It’s true that for most of us, we need accountability, a personalised plan, and an expert holding our hands to get the results we want. Whether it’s to lose weight, learn a new language, or make more money, you CAN do it on your own, but it takes longer and is often much harder.

I started mentoring people just over 5 years ago to help them create a profitable HMO portfolio. I used the simple 5- Step System that I had created (Find it, Fund It, Finish It, Fill It and Future-Proof It) which I too had used to create my own profitable HMOs with. Using the five steps made it easy to give my mentees a structure. It also helped them to break down the steps needed to start, scale and systemise their portfolio.

This year, my business is set to turn over just shy of £1,000,000 and I put my success down to a number of reasons. These fundamentals are only part of what you will learn if you decide to work with me.

  1. Understanding the numbers! Knowing the numbers in your business is critical to understanding where you can make more money and where you can save money. In my mentoring programme I make sure you understand how to analyse a deal and how to ensure you really understand how the figures work.
  2. Having a clear business model which you can grow without your costs also growing. Part of my system for Future-Proofing It is about how to reduce costs, as you continue to grow – that way you increase your profits exponentially.
  3. Being clear on your role in the business and the part that others can play. ‘Play to your strengths‘ is one of my favourite maxims! You will discover areas in your business you didn’t realise you could do. You will also learn the importance of having a team.
  4. Having experts on hand to guide and advise me such as an accountant, tax advisor and mortgage broker. I can introduce you to all these people when you work with me, and many of my mentees have found them to be invaluable.
  5. Continual learning and improvement. Without this it doesn’t matter what you do, you won’t improve. On the programme we have a multitude of learning opportunities – from monthly webinars, to Mastermind sessions and a comprehensive online document library, with everything you need from project plans to tenancy agreements.

So if you want to change YOUR bottom line this year, and create additional income from HMOs, I’d like to invite you to take up a completely FREE special offer.

I am looking for just a handful of people this year to work with. Literally just 5 people. That way, I can give you personal service. I can understand where you are now, where you want to be in a year’s time, and together we can create a plan to get you there. I can speak with you regularly to make sure you are progressing with your action plan, and through the other tools we use like WhatsApp and Zoom, I can keep you on track and help you to overcome the hurdles you will invariably face.

This year, I’ve decided I don’t want to run a massive mentoring group. I don’t want to be running round the country booking venues and chasing people who frankly are not focused or determined.

I don’t want to waste time with people who aren’t committed or ready. I only want to work with people who are already motivated and want to get going immediately (or within the next few weeks) building their very own multi-million pound portfolio.

If you think that’s YOU, then I’d like to see if you are right for me and vice versa. I’d like to have a 30 minute consultation call with you. I’ll find out more about you and what you’re looking for, and I will explain what I do and how I work.

If you like what you hear, and I think you’re a good fit for what I offer, together we can decide on the next steps.

If joining the mentoring programme is for you, I will send you detailed information and only when you’re absolutely sure, we’ll get you registered and started with your first One to One Business Planning Session with me.

If that sounds like something you could get excited about and can see that working with me could be the answer you’re looking for, then I’d love you to book a 30 minute FREE consultation call here.

I will help answer your questions, but more importantly I’ll find out what your problems are. You see, once that’s clear, it’s very often easy to understand the next course of action.

I’ve opened up some extra slots especially for you this January and into the beginning of February. Don’t delay, once they’re gone, they’re gone. And please don’t book if you’re not serious! Before you worry about the cost, I have an easy peasy payment plan that can make it much more affordable. I’m probably not as cheap as some people, but I’m definitely NOT as expensive as others 🙂

After all, what would you invest to create a additional income of £2,400 recurring each month? (Knowing that you can keep growing and growing for as long as you want to)?!

This is exactly what Natasha and Suresh have done since being on my mentoring programme since last year. They joined in June 2021 and have already bought 2 properties which they’re turning into 2 x 6 bed HMOs. The are in the midst of refurbishing them, and with my help they found the properties, funded them, and now are finishing and filling them. By the time they’re rented, they’ll be making another £2,400 per month NET income.

And the most amazing part of their story is this – they’re not even based in the UK. They live in Singapore where they are 8 hours ahead of UK time!!

“Without Wendy’s help and the mentoring programme we would not have been able to progress so quickly. By learning from her and using her tools, guides and being part of the amazing sessions, we just would have floundered. She really has made us see how possible it is to do this even from a long way away. With two young children, we finally feel as if we are in a position to dream big and think about a future where we are not working in jobs all the time. I (Natasha) have already given up my job to focus on our property portfolio full-time, and in another couple of years Suresh will also be able to do this. We can’t wait and we’re very grateful to Wendy and her team making this a reality for us”.

If you’re sitting on the fence right now, all I would say is examine yourself. If you are ready to make this a reality in your life and have the determination to see it through, just book a call. Together we can decide if this is the right path for you. I look forward to speaking to you soon.