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Why Property Education is so Different from School Education

I don’t know what your experience of school was, but I didn’t really enjoy secondary school and I think looking back that was because I was never destined to be a good ‘worker’. I think internally I was always rebelling and trying to do things differently. I was more interested in talking than composing, discussing than essay writing, and creating rather than adding up.

What I’ve discovered is that many people who become investors have had similar experiences to me, and they find themselves having a hard time breaking through the belief that they are not clever enough, not good enough or not talented enough to do property. I wrestled with that too.

Until I realised that education in the property world is very different.

For a start it requires you to collaborate – not something that teachers encourage at school (especially during exams). Secondly it takes risk. There is no certainty that you will get the outcome you want. In fact you need to have the mindset of growth and learning at all times to manage this fear of failure.

Thirdly it takes courage – you have to put your money, your time, even your reputation on the line. People may scoff, ridicule or undermine you and you have to find the courage to believe in yourself. Once you have a strategy you also need to learn all you can about how it works – so that you can apply that knowledge and make it happen. That’s when the final part happens which is taking practical action.

Theory is all very well but until you put your learning on the line, you will never become a real investor.

That’s why the education I offer answers the ‘how’ questions that I hear every day from people who want to start investing in HMOs. You need to know the practical, tangible answers to your queries – whether that’s about mortgages and funding, HMO rules and regulations, or tips and tools to set up and manage your property.

I cover all of this and much much more on my one day training event. My education starts with YOU – the person. Who are you, what are you trying to achieve? What matters to you? I can teach you lots about HMOs but you will need the mindset and the tools to make it a reality.

Then you can go away with confidence – understanding what you need to do now and what your first steps consist of.

I’m running a final day’s online training on December 10th from 0930 -4.30pm and you are cordially invited to attend. The best part – it’s absolutely FREE to attend! Please book out the whole day as the feedback I had from my previous training was absolutely phenomenal – ‘’it was the best course I have ever attended”, “I’ve been on a three day HMO course and I learnt more in one day from you Wendy” and “I’ve got 13 pages of notes from our day – it was enlightening, exciting and engaging”!

Here’s the link to register your place – I’d love you to come along and find out more about you can invest in HMOs in 2023 –