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My New Book Extraordinary Profits from Ordinary Properties . . . People on the Rich List know that the insider secrets to wealth and financial freedom start with owning assets - assets that cashflow to make you money each and every month. The key to making the most amount of money from property in the shortest amount of time is by magnifying the value of any house to the maximum. The problem is most people don't know the strategies that will do this, and they doubt they can do this alongside their current occupation or role. 




 Taking an ordinary property and dividing it into rooms that rent out individually is a highly effective way of making huge profits quickly. With just five properties you can make life-changing income, and in this informed and inspiring book, you'll learn exactly how Wendy Whittaker-Large did it and how you can too. Allowing you to give up your job, spend more time with your family and travel the world. Known as a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO), the current UK market is seeing more and more demand for high quality accommodation which addresses the needs of tenants in this lucrative market. Extraordinary Profits from Ordinary Properties explains Wendy's unique five step system for creating income through HMOs which she now helps others implement so they too can create a dream lifestyle. Wendy shares with you how she went from being a regular, but stressed out mother of four with no time and no money to being financially free and loving life.     


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