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101 Essential Tips For Running a Professional HMOby Wendy Whittaker-Large



Find out how to gain time, money and freedom through property investment. Across the UK more and more people are choosing to live in Houses of Multiple Occupation and as the market grows, so do the demands of the tenants. If you are considering entering this market and wish to find out how to develop an HMO that it is profitable, well managed and well maintained, then this book is for you. All tips have been implemented, tested and refined through repeated processes and will help you to create a systemised business that will successfully run itself. Order a copy today or download thefirst chapter for free right here.    And for details on my latest bookExtraordinary Profitsfrom Ordinary Properties CLICK HERE

Growing success through property and people 



Cultivating your business for the future As the founder of multiple companies such as Best Nest and Best Nest Egg, I am  passionate about HMOs for their contribution to the housing economy and the positive influence they can have on people’s lives. Having spent a number of years developing high-end HMOs for young professionals across the North West of England, I provide consultancy services to a number of new and seasoned investors and assist with the development of portfolios. Scroll to read more . . .  





Motivating You:  Having patience in seeing something to its end is an indication of your determination to succeed, and I dedicate my time to working with those that are determined to achieve prosperity through property investments. Using my extensive knowledge and experience – and by helping you to avoid the obstacles that I faced myself when starting out in HMO property development many years back – I strive to make a real difference and help you to grow your flow. With a proven 5-step system I guide you towards making well-informed decisions that will ensure the best returns on your investments for your future success.  My Motivation:  Helping you to reach your goals lies at the heart of what I do and guiding others to flourish and improve their lives is the ethos behind which I work. I feel that both men and women should look to the future with financial freedom, and I strive to make their investment opportunities work for them.Helping others is my ultimate focus, and on a personal level, every HMO that I successfully establish, I donate funds to very worthy causes around the world – from the less fortunate children in Bolivia to those suffering from Cystic Fibrosis in the UK. I work towards helping others and improving their futures.  

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